Two Effective Medications for Depression Treatment

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TWO anti depressant prescription drugs, Lexapro (Escitalopram) and Celexa (Citalopram), ” are intimate ‘family relations’ in provisions and conditions of these chemistry and also a contrast in between their various efficacies would hence be intriguing. Lexapro is the latest person in this SSRI category of medication along with Celexa may be contemplated its own precursor.


The gap among Celexa and Lexapro is a gap within their own chemical makeup. Celexa can be really a combo of two parts- and – R-enantiomer. But, R-enantiomer has been located to be of no usage from the botanical job of Celexathat it had been taken out of your combo, which makes the S-enantiomer/S-isomer. This divide caused the formula of Lexapro, the modern person in this SSRI category of medication.


The Benefits of Lexapro more than Celexa are follows:

Lexapro is significantly more strong. The minimal daily dose of Lexapro advocated is just 10-20mg when compared with 20-40mg of Celexa.

Lexapro’s curative activity way too is more quickly (much less than just two months) compared to Celexa.

Although the curative consequence of these medication (inside their various doses) resembles the starting stages, ” Lexapro shows reasonably far better consequences from the lengthier duration, i.e., immediately after about 2 4 months.

for protection, equally Lexapro and Celexa are regarded as both secure and satisfactory into your own human anatomy. Adverse sideeffects from the two medication were like character and seriousness, plus so they comprise: sleeplessness, anorgasmia, constipation, and lack of libido, and ejaculation issues, nausea, and upper respiratory system illness, and some others. Withdrawal indicators are somewhat less with Lexapro compared to Celexa. Inspite of the proven superiority of Lexapro, physicians frequently prescribe Celexa very first due of its diminished effectiveness, also prescribe Lexapro just in case the indications of depressive disorders or stress are too acute enough to warrant that the strong-action Lexapro.